Sound Of The Stream & Gorgeous Forest Views: Wayword Inn Is A Dream We Can Afford


    Wayward Inn Homestay is a quiet gem in Jibhi, made of wood and stone, falls on the way to Jalori Pass and is the best value for money accommodation in the area.

    Small Things Go A Long Way

    The place can happily take in 15 people {or three-four families} but if you ask us, we just seem to think of it as a place where you hang with a book and a pair of headphones… Or a travel buddy who’s comfortable with long silences and valley-gazing without being impatient.

    We hear Vedh, the house host, is a mountaineer and a valley local who knows the best hiking trails that only someone who has wandered around for years knows. His family is warm and Vedh himself takes pride in sustainable development that translates into little touches like the solar heater he’s installed for them chilly days.

    Talking of the small things, we know a lot of guests who still rave about all the food they had the pleasure of sampling here – from traditional Himachali fare to fresh juices. Now this is rare from a homestay that’s so secluded. We sure are impressed.

    Sunshine And Streams

    Go trout fishing or just take a dip, the river is in walking distance. In fact, you’ll hear it gush every waking second you’re staying in this house. Walk around Sojha village and call it a day in the sit-outs that come with every room. Oh, and there’s an adorable neighbourhood dog who sometimes takes a liking towards visitors and decides to follow them around. Isn’t this what every hill holiday should look like? 

    PS: A room will cost a little above INR 2,000 for two {per night} which isn’t too bad if you’re getting the luxury of hot ginger lemon tea after walks or a bonfire with trout dinner just like a loving, hillstation aunt.