Now, it’s no secret that we at LBB love our doggies, and when it comes to pampering them, we’re always looking for something new. We went back to Poochmate and here’s what happened.

First off, meet Ginger. She's your average 11-and-a-half year old Golden Retriever, with the occasional bout of naughtiness and puppy eyes that could melt an iceberg.
Ginger needed a bath, so we put on her most comfy T-shirt and headed on over to Poochmate.
We got to Poochmate, chatted with the owner, Preeti, and chose a mix of the Olive Oil and Chocolate shampoo. {Hey, it smells better than it sounds}.
Here's Ginger with a lemongrass face cleanser {that also worked wonders for those under-the-eye goop stains}.
We wandered around, and saw that they have a whole BUNCH of products {including doggy umbrellas, sweaters and socks!}. Bonus shot of the owner, Preeti's super-friendly and super-cute Labrador, Bosco.
Post bath-time, it's time for the 360-degree blow-dry. This was {like the shampoo} done by Preeti herself, who you can tell, genuinely cares for all the four-legged creatures that walk {or waddle} in. Ginger seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself. We must mention here that her fur was super soft, and she smelled great!
A quick, thorough brushing {and lots of patient unknotting} and it was on to the Pawdicure! This involves Preeti clipping Ginger's nails, trimming the hair on and around her paws, and an almost-massage with shea butter—to keep those paws soft and crack-free. Then, some more brushing and finishing touches {to make her look just right}.
Quick quality control check by the manager...
And she was good to go. All that pampering had her exhausted, so here's a shot of her sleeping. Don't miss the cute bow that Preeti put on her.

Would we go back to Poochmate? Definitely! Also, for more doggy love, catch us at Petfed this weekend!

This review was done anonymously, and paid for by ourselves.