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We Tried Henry & Smith's Chinos To See What The Hype Is About? They Claim To Offer 93% Fit Rate! Well, That's Pretty Bold!

    We decided to order four Chinos from Henry and Smith for four boys in our LBB Crew. We were amazed at the variety of colours available, 32 to be precise! The quick delivery speed really pleased us; it only took a day for the goodies to reach us! The nice sturdy colourful box that contained the Chinos definitely got our attention! We dig the Chinos and genuinely can’t wait to try it out! Don’t believe us? Read on to know how four boys at LBB with different body types tried these chinos and what they thought about it!

    Nishant - Wearing Watts Blue Chinos, Size 36

    Nishant felt that the Watts Blue Chinos were a perfect fit. He found them to be super comfortable, and loved the colour that’s perfect for both day and night events. The colour was just on point, not too bright and dull. Paired with a white or black shirt, it could make for a dapper look. Not to forget, his colleagues told him that it was his best look so far!

    Dhanur - Wearing Monacelli Carrot Chinos, Size 34

    Dhanur loved the fit of the Monacelli Carrot Chinos. He was a bit skeptical about the colour as he’s used to the usual blacks, greys, and khakis. However, he ended up loving the unique shade of this particular carrot-coloured pair. With a plain white or printed white tshirt, it can be the perfect outfit for a casual brunch or even a date. 

    Abhishek - Wearing Flamingo Pink Chinos, Size 32

    Flamingo Pink Chinos was definitely something new for Abhishek and a colour you probably wouldn’t find in his wardrobe. While he wasn’t a huge fan of the colour, he really did love the fit and will save the pair for days when he’s feeling experimental. Stepping outside his comfort zone, Abhishek feels that he could eventually gather the confidence to rock the Flamingo Pink Chinos someday (and we can’t wait for that day). We’ve found a fan of Henry & Smith right here!   

    Vibhor - Wearing Eggplant Chinos, Size 30

    Vibhor loved the colour of the Eggplant Chinos and the suave vibe that comes with it. He definitely sees it becoming a staple in his wardrobe. Pair these chinos with white/beige or cream-coloured shirts, and you’ll get that 10/10 outfit. ‘Recently I went out to spend the day with my friends and many of them complimented on the unique colour of the chinos!’. 

    Our verdict? Henry & Smith provides a great pair for every body type! With more than 32 colours as well each Chino being a perfect fit, we can’t ever say that menswear has limited options! The Chinos are a perfect throw for any and every occasion. Get your perfect pair of Chinos in just 3 simple steps: Order them from the Henry & Smith website with your colour and size input, wait in anticipation for your chinos, get the package and be ready to rock them! Check them out and gift the boys in your lives the perfect chinos they need!