Ten-Second Takeaway

Weber-Stephen, the well-known go-to for grilling products has come to NCR with a flagship store that houses grilling apparatus and a designated experiential zone that they {rather ambitiously} call the Grill Academy.

If Only Looks Could Grill…

We honestly can’t think of a time we’ve turned down smoked ribs or paneer tikka. So, when we heard that Weber-Stephen had come to NCR, we were chuffed to bits. In fact, we learnt that they’ve also got a dedicated zone at the store, called the Grill Academy.

This collection of Weber grills is not just for close-knit house parties, but also for professional off-sites where new colleagues can awkwardly bond over perfectly charred meat. Up on offer are a variety of signature charcoal grills, gas grills and accessories.

Weber’s claim to fame is their unique “covered grilling” mechanism where you can be more constructively involved in the get-together rather than peering down at that chunk of meat. Also, you can do a whole lot of things with their offerings, like bake, grill, smoke and roast. This really means that there’s an ocean of smokin’ hot opportunities waiting to be explored.

Make Your Own Char{red} Minar

We know what you’re thinking – this grill n’ co. is all too good but who’ll do the real work? Well, if you’ve never been on the grilling side of the table, here’s your chance to enroll yourself in one of the many barbecue workshops organised at the Grill Academy {details here} that will equip you to make roast chicken and grilled asparagus like a pro.

Featured photo source: Weber BBQ India