Wedding Gifting Just Became More Fun with

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Shortcut is an online wedding gift registry portal that lets soon-to-be-married couples curate their own wedding wish lists and share them with their friends and family.

How does it work?

Have you ever looked at couples in a Hollywood movie picking up exquisite vases and dinner sets, and beeping away at them with a registry gun in their hands, and longed to be able to do something similar yourself? Well, you’re in luck—India’s first wedding registry portal, is here. Here’s how works—Step 1: You register on the site, put up a picture, and write out a welcome note for your guests. Step 2: Build your wish list from an inventory of home and furnishing items, electronic goods, luxury holidays and more. Step 3: Invite your friends and family to view your wish list and buy awesome gifts for you!

Chip in, will you?

While there are gifts you can put in your list that cost as low as INR 1,000, some of them have the potential to cost a leg and an arm, and you {hopefully} wouldn’t want to do that to your friends. This is where you can use the chip-in function on the website that lets your friends pool in and buy you a combined gift.

Thank you, come again

You can choose a date that you want your gifts to be delivered to you, and will compile all your gifts, gift wrap them, and deliver it all together to you. Once you’ve received all your gifts, you can make use of their six-week window to send out thank you notes to all those friends who’ve been kind enough to give you things that you actually like. Sweet, right? Register for your wedding gifts here. Contact: 0124 4115447 or write to Follow them on Facebook here. This story is in partnership with