Well-Loved Bengali Restaurant, Bijoli Grill, Opens At A Second Location In Gurgaon

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Like most regional restaurants, Bijoli Grill is neat and simple, but the heady aroma of fish and mustard oil is inviting enough. Newly-opened at South Point Mall, Bijoli Grill adds to the list of unique restaurants on Golf Course Road.

Go Fish

This is the place to hit up for fine coastal food, all year round. Mainly because they know how to buy fish and, more than that, they know how to cook it! From starters to mains, we suggest you stick to the sea food, starting with The Fish Fry and Fish Rolls.

Since this cuisine is all about balance, even the vegetarian selection is delightful – try the Beguni and Phoolkopir Cutlet {made with potatoes and cauliflower}. For a true blue Bengali experience, try the Titor Dal, which is moong dal made with bitter gourd, Aloo Posto and Sukto.

Here’s our must-try list: Ilish Paturi {fish cooked in banana leaf}, Pabda Jhal and Chingri Malai Curry. They have Bengal-style Biryani too and a Thali that’s a sampler of most of the menu.

The best way to finish a meal here is with classic Bengali desserts; we loved the Payesh and Mishti Doi the most.

Chinatown Calling

When in Kolkata, how can you miss Chinatown? There is an ode to this landmark at Bijoli Grill too, with Chilly Chicken, Sweet & Sour Fish and Prawn Manchurian, enjoyed with a side of Egg Chowmein and Mixed Fried Rice.

So, We're Saying...

The menu is a mix of Bengali, Anglo and Bangla-style Chinese which makes it worth multiple visits.