Cookies To Nachos: Wellversed's Keto Products Are Heavenly

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What Makes It Awesome

We love cookies. We love chocolates. We love peanut butter. We love nachos. And we love our keto diet. How do we balance the two? Well, enter Wellversed with its range of Ketofy products that are tasty and are helping us keep our diets in check without major behavioral changes (and we can shop online, yay!)

Wellversed retails a ton of Ketofy's products online like unsweetened dark chocolate, peanut butter, choco fudge cookies, almond fudge cookies, tex-mex nachos, masala chips, and even keto bhujia on LBB. We have tried the dark chocolate and the peanut butter and they both were delicious. The products are a little expensive than your normal products (INR 199 for a 50g bar of chocolate), but hey, a keto diet was never a mass consumption thing, right?

Apart from the ready-to-eat snacks, Wellversed also retails Ketofy's flour, bullet coffee mix, dosa mix, and rice. We haven't tried these out yet, but the reviews have been encouraging. While the keto flour is priced at INR 499 for 500g, the rice will cost you INR 299 for a pack of 750g.