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Set City

We're In Love With This Store's Beautiful, Beaded Accessories & Vintage Baloch Jackets

    Siri Fort Road, Delhi

    What Makes It Awesome

    That it's got extremely unique, statement accessories that makes their presence felt without being gaudy, or over-the-top. Olivia Dar is tucked away atop a winding staircase in Shahpur, and if you climb it (albeit precariously) you'll find a trove of gorgeous accessories and apparel.

    You'll see a lot of very quirky stuff, particularly when it comes to their earrings and small bags. It's rife with giant eye motifs, for example; one of the things that really stands out. They have big, beaded earrings (that actually aren't as heavy as they look) that were our main takeaway from their jewellery section.

    They have some particularly interesting bags, but only if you're big on bling. The ones that stand out are shiny, and sequin-ful. We particularly loved their coin-purse-esque pouches that had beautiful embellishments on them in fun designs.

    Lastly, they have great jackets (but we'll warn you, they are expensive) that they bring in from Balochistan and then reengineer in India. You'll find these in royal blues, crimsons, eggshell whites and such; rich colours that ring of authenticity.

    What Could Be Better

    It's definitely not cheap, but the quality makes it worth it.
      Siri Fort Road, Delhi