Four Restaurants, Hot Stone Massages & High-Tech Beds: This Place Is Perfect For A Long Weekend Staycation

    Sector 29, Gurgaon


    The Westin, Gurgaon, is a great place to head to if you want a weekend in the city {but not in the heart of it}, with access to great food, drinks, spa sessions and more.

    Why Here?

    The great thing about this property is that it’s managed to encapsulate only the nicest little slice of Gurgaon in its larger aesthetic. You can see the peeking tops of concrete monstrosities that give you that World City feeling, but you’re encased in enough greenery and open space to not be bothered by it. The ample breadth of the hotel is replete with delightful little details, the most striking of which is a stunning, field-size water installation that looks as though a million tiny, white birds are descending in downward flight, reminiscent of the ones we drew in kindergarten drawing books.

    An undercurrent of thoughtfulness runs through every move you make at The Westin, Gurgaon. From when you step into a car that’s been organised for you {Wi-Fi enabled, thank you very much}, to the fact that you can check in while you’re on your way and are given your room key in transit, so you can get to your room without the hassle of a harried wait at the reception, and the endless signings of multiple sheets, it’s a nuanced understanding of convenience.

    When you get there, the staff is warm enough to fill you with privilege guilt, and efficient enough to create a situation where you don’t really ever have to ask for anything {like handing you three sets of swipe-able keys for two people because they know the likelihood of someone losing them}. What makes this hotel so ideal for a staycation is the plethora of lovely little restaurants ensconced under the one {giant} roof. No cuisine is left unturned, and whether you’re angling for some decadent italian food or closer-to-home authentically Indian food, you’ll find a space that fits. I myself tried three, but I hear the High Tea at Daily Treats, the one I missed, is to die for. I’d initially decided to rank them in order of preference, until I realised I didn’t have one, because there were some fairly stand-out moments at each.



    A man that can clear whip up quite a spread, Head Chef Emilioni {a terribly interesting epicure, whose views on Indian cuisine, flavours and their contrast to North Italy, and anecdotes about his mother’s penchant for sharp chillies make for perfect mealtime chatter} knows the nuances of Italian flavours like the back of his skilled hand.

    I’d strongly advise you let him make you the tricolour pasta with an uncomplicated, chunky tomato sauce {it made a convert of an ardent tomato-loather like myself}, but insist on ordering the wild mushroom risotto {he’ll shrug at it, but it’s divine}. If you’re more in the mood for a main, the roasted lamb rack with potato frittata and bell peppers is cooked to meat-falling-off-the-bone perfection, and the pan-seared tenderloin {served in a green pepper creamy sauce with roasted potatoes and sauteed snow peas} is succulent, and best had medium-to-well done.

    Bara Darhi

    The authenticity of an Old Delhi setting and menu at Bara Darhi is full-strength as you walk into the rooftop restaurant. Perfect for a fall or winter evening, a head chef from Old Delhi food royalty {a descendent of the Al Karam family of the Jama Masjid area} has curated a menu that gives you the bona fide flavours of the purani Dilli streets in the comfort of a luxury hotel.

    The chicken Bara Darhi, Mutton Burra and Paneer Seekh {something I’ve legitimately never tried before} stood top in class amongst a medley of succulent kebabs and tender, tandoori meats. A decadent, flavourful phirni is the ideal end to this meal that has a rustic regality to it that’s very memorable.



    Often, Pan Asian restaurants can quickly turn messy, serving up an imbroglio of confused flavours with Oriental heart. No such mistakes are made at EEST, where a trio of three chefs independently handle the Thai, Chinese and Japanese sections of the menu. The cuisines are clearly defined, and expertly executed.

    What really stayed with me were the steamed, crystal-shrimp dumplings, the Californian Uramaki sushi {replete with tons of roe; the food equivalent of bubble wrap}, the Gaeng Phed {Thai red curry with pea aubergine, chicken and bamboo shoots} and lastly, the fabulous egg tarts {please order them 20 minutes in advance; they take time but are totally worth it.

    PS: The drinks, surprisingly {I was expecting more boilerplate cocktails} are phenomenal. Try any Soju cocktail or a Wasabi Martini, and there will be no regrets.


    Heavenly Spa

    Getting a hot stone massage at the Westin, Gurgaon Spa is a bright idea. I mean, you can naturally choose from an extensive treatment menu if you opt not to listen to me as well, but, done with a subtle, non-overpowering White Tea oil and hot-stone pouches, choosing this one will explain why the Heavenly Spa refers to this as their ‘signature treatment’.

    The environment is both crisp-white and clean, with every possible need you could’ve thought of being accounted for, and the post-massage jacuzzi session acting as a lovely stress-reliever on its own. I’d recommend ending your stay with this, because that sense of peace of mind after the massage is near surreal.


    So, We're Saying

    A great place to sneak away on a long weekend, this hotel is a nice way to leave the city behind and have a luxurious and relaxing time.

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      Sector 29, Gurgaon