Indoor Swimming Pools, Delightful Mocktails & Lavish Villas: Westin Resort Is All Things Luxury


    A 20-minute drive from the main town of Pushkar is the newly opened property – The Westin Pushkar Resort & Spa. Expect a hilly drive, lush lands and rose shrubs all over/either side of your road in a desert en route this beautiful town.

    Opulence & Comfort Redefined

    Westin Resorts is mostly villas with the subliminal views of the Aravalli hills. This resort with complete resources of not wanting to be a full throttle spa is balancing on a rope with luxury and indulgence on one side and mindfulness on the other.

    You can cycle around the property or go out and explore the picturesque town. The swimming pool here cannot be missed and if you haven’t got one in your room, that’s where you are going to be. We had an indoor pool which we seldom used but was great to be waking up to and having our breakfast served in it. They also have an in-house Yoga instructor who can teach as per your requirement. For those who can’t live without a gym-based cardio, Westin Resorts have special rooms built with a treadmill inside so you don’t have to leave your room at all!

    A healthy menu is curated for those who eat light and clean. Their own garden grows some fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits, for a cleaner dining experience. There’s sheesha/Nargileh for those who like the Arab-esque smoking experience and their bar serves the finest yet the most fun mixes ever {try the Gulkand mocktail}.

    So Much To Do

    Take the ropeway to Savitri Temple to get a stunning view of Pushkar, visit the town’s modest ghats that have the most simplistic yet beautiful ceremonies going on all day, buy jewellery from the local bazaar or binge on Malpua, there’s lots to do in this holy town of the Gods that is saintly situated half an hour away from Ajmer.

    For more deets on things to do around Pushkar and tips on chic yet comfortable outfits that you could wear here, visit the Terrible Two’s.