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Delhi Govt. To Start WhatsApp Helpline For Open Drinking Complaints

    In yet another attempt to curb open drinking {especially near thekas}, the Delhi government is going to set up a WhatsApp helpline number for complaints. Essentially, if you spot any instances of open drinking – super common outside liquor shops and in vehicles – you can drop a message on this number and it’ll be taken care off.

    This initiative is part of the government’s long-term efforts to crack down on open drinking which is both a safety hazard {drunk driving!} and a threat to women’s security. Currently, violations of the law prohibiting consumption of alcohol in public places is punishable with a fine of INR 5,000, creating a nuisance after drinking with a fine of INR 10,000, plus a six-month jail term.

    BYOB and head straight home, guys!

    H/T NDTV India