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Missing Your Mom? Check Out Mumsdword For Some Heavenly Mum-Like Food!

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    Burmese Khao Suey or coconut milk noodles are one of the ultimate comfort foods you could find, whether your bingeing on Netflix, nursing s broken heart or celebrating the advent of a new season. This is a dish we associate primarily with Burma, where the Shan people made it with rice noodles but variations can be found in Thai cuisine as well, with a few ingredients here or there of course. Our exposure to Khao Suey was thanks to childhood neighbours with roots in Burma and that’s where I tasted, what I thought was the ‘real thing’! The soup wasn’t thin, but lightly thickened with gram flour (besan), a key ingredient a lot of commercial kitchens tend to skip, making the whole dish more akin to Malay dishes like Nasi Lemak or just a ramen bowl with coconut milk.

    Having cooked it for years, I had a hankering for a Khao Suey I didn’t have to make, when I chanced upon Mumsdword. A place that came with a recommendation on Instagram, I knew I had to have it. This also went well with my pursuit of home chefs and indie cooks, who don’t have a platform to showcase their prowess the way commercial kitchens do. I called and ordered a vegetarian and non vegetarian portion and waited for the weekend it was supposed to arrive. The Khao Suey came beautifully packaged though to be completely candid, that is never a criteria for a good meal but then again, rich coconut soup that hasn’t spilled in the bag makes for a meal that’s perfect from the onset. Each bag had all the necessary condiments and sides to make a bowl and who doesn’t love a bit of DIY to make a custom bowl for themselves? We for one, enjoy that bit, as a family. There was the soup, the noodles, the meats, we had chicken and pork for the carnivores and tofu and mushrooms for the herbivores, topped with fried noodles for texture, burnt garlic oil, chilli ‘chutney’, chopped spring onions and a dash of lemon. I had my bowl with pork which was perfectly cooked with a slight bite to it as pork should be, I loaded up on the garlic oil and despite the gentle warning, I just had to make it super hot with loads of chilli.

    I am so happy to report that this was everything I remember from my childhood, a rich, fragrant and flavourful coconut broth, all the frills and good meat, what’s not to love? I called to thank the home chef, Gaurav Gujral who told me that this was his mother’s Khao Suey. Though she is no longer with them, this endeavour is an homage to her and that added to the experience. A passionate cook with a corporate background, it was in these dismal times that he decided to bring a little home grown joy to the city. They serve on the weekends, though I have urged him to consider making it a week long option since Khao Suey weather is upon us. It was a soul satisfying meal that I will be having fairly regularly from here on. To me, Khao Suey is a community experience, so gather your family and make your next meal something truly special! You can catch them on Instagram, or call/Whatsapp at 93010125826. Thank me later!
      Available Online