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When You Want Cuisines From All Over The World, Order In From Ditas!

    Mehrauli, Delhi

    I remember going to Ditas when it first opened and even before I tasted the food, I knew this place was all kinds of special. Perhaps it was the decor which was a cross between dreamy and romantic or the attention to detail, the white juxtaposed with the indigo, the blend of bauble lights and fairy lights, this was a place where people fell in love. I got hooked to their Smoked Chicken Caesar, Chilli Oil Burrata and Lamb Rendang, it was good to find a relaxing space that served world cuisine, just added another venue to make friends with varied palates

    Then things changed and suddenly all we had was an option of home delivery, that too after a bit of a sabbatical and loads of home-cooked meals. After which we all craved meals from places we loved, so it was awesome when I got to know that Ditas was delivering. Though they're up and running now, with all measures in place and Ditas is as charming as always, we just wanted a respite from home food and we got more than that, we got an awesome feast delivered warm and fresh at our doorstep. Since they have a multi-cuisine menu, there is something for everyone, I personally love Mezze so I chose the Mediterranean Box with a choice of Classic Hummus, Chipotle Hummus (they should bottle this), Caramelized Hummus, Batata Hara, Muhammara, Labneh, Falafel and Pita bread, it's a spread enough for two. This Mezze box is such a treat that you ought to order two just for a Netflix binge. We followed that up with The Cubano, a sandwich made famous by the movie, 'Chef' and though they make it with pulled pork, ham, Swiss cheese, onions and BBQ sauce, it's as juicy and indulgent as it should be it travels rather well since it came absolutely intact and not soggy at all. We finished with Ditas' Curry Laksa made with pulled chicken and that completed our hearty, comfort meal for the day. We have already planned our next order and it has to include the Banh Mi, the Greek Lamb Burger and the Mexican Burrito Wrap because where else will you get a selection like all in one place

    I suggest you finish your meal with a dessert or two, I enjoyed the dessert we had when we ate there and I'm happy to report that even the one we ordered was as decadent and delicious. We chose the Gangster Brownies which are loaded with chocolate fudge, Nutella and Biscoff, though now we wish we had also added the Trillionaires, shortbread, sea salt caramel, hot chocolate glaze and marshmallow fluff, imagine that. Now go make your weekend worth it, order in from Ditas.
      Mehrauli, Delhi