Block 15, Lodhi Colony, Opposite CMYK in Meherchand Market

Lady Aiko wanted to depict a strong female character in her work, one with a direct connect with India. Hence, Rani Laxmi Bai. She wanted her work to be a collaborative process, hence she roped in 15 volunteers, all of which assisted her in cutting 299 A0 paper stencils, after which they helped in filling the entire piece with the artist’s characteristic bright palette.

Country: Japan



Lok Nayak Bhawan Building, Khan Market

This particular mural is titled Day & Night. You  & You, transforming a 3 decade old government building.

Country: Spain



Block 7, Lodhi Colony, Opposite Republic of Chicken in Meherchand Market

He hoped to express one of the truest things about India, which he discovered on a prior visit. He says, “There’s a chaos but inside it there is an order. Those birds are the same as us, moving around all the time, if they stop they will crash…I’m one of the birds”. He used the architecture of the building to catalyze this concept, depicting the speed and the energy that moves with the birds converging in at the centre of the building.

Country: China



Delhi Cold Storage, Azadpur

This piece is part of Axel’s ‘Mediocre’ series and this is his interpretation of a still life – one of the most recurred themes in the history of classical painting. This piece talks about life in the biggest fruit and vegetable market in Asia.

Country: USA



Ogaan Wall {Next to Imperfecto}, Hauz Khas Village

Joao usually experiments with portraits in his stencil work. After getting in touch with Indian photographer Ved Upadhyay, he laid his hands on this particular portrait of an Indian women, who came to life in his mural. Within the elegance and the rigor of his composition he celebrated the warmth and the calm of an anonymous old Indian woman.

Country: Portugal

rukkit_st_art_delhi 1


CP Outer Circle, Opposite H Block Parking, towards New Delhi Railway Station road

Animals and birds are a recurring theme in Rukkit’s work. For his first piece in Delhi, he created an eagle, with its solemn gaze towards the sky and the city.

Country: Thailand

rukkit_st_art_delhi 2


Gol Market, Sub station, Near Nirula’s Restaurant

His second piece in Delhi brings back to mind the old fable about the thirsty crow and the pitcher.

Country: Thailand



School of Planning & Architecture, ITO

1010’s work always has a strong sensitivity for the spaces he works in. His approach, strictly architectonic, considers which kind of abyss can be open in the space he interacts with. At the School of Planning and Architecture, his work is inspired by ancient Hindu architecture and “The Fractal Brain Theory” by Wai H. Tsang. His portals bring the viewer to fall into what was a flat and hard wall and to break all the boundaries we think we have. The colours articulate each perceptual level, guiding the public’s gaze from the inside to the entrance of the portal and vice versa.

Country: Germany