Ten-Second Takeaway

Located in Defence Colony, Ekatrit is a concept store wherein folks can walk in to get a personalised shopping experience. There’s also a tiny café inside!

A Styling Café?

Yes, that’s what Ekatrit calls itself. To make matters simple, it essentially is a store with an inventory of goods from a few handpicked labels, personal stylists to help you put together an outfit if you’ve got a specific occasion, and a tiny café where you can nibble on something yummy as you explore.

Remember those times when you see something in a store that you like and the store keeper tells you that ain’t for sale? Heart-breaking, we know.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that in Ekatrit—verything on display is for sale, which is why the store is forever evolving.

Put A Label On It

081116_ekatrit_03While they have a a few clothing labels in store, their curation of bags, shoes, and accessories {both home and personal} is going to leave you rather impressed.

Think restored vintage eyewear and curios {matchbox holders from the 1920s!} from Go Spiff, sustainable one-of-a-kind bags made using cork fabric {by Corkiza}, fun and comfy sleepwear by Jammiezzz, PETA-approved vegan shoes by Kanabis, and home décor by Rain & Peacock.

Grab A Bite

If you’re at the store, we insist you try one of their gourmet desserts or sandwiches and a cuppa coffee at the café. They’re delectable!

Where: 46 FF, Defence Colony Main Market

Photos: Anand Mohapatra/LBB