Foodies, Whisky Samba Just Introduced A Perfect Menu To Complement Every Sip!

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What Makes It Awesome

Apart from the ceiling to floor {what seems like} a mile long bar that stocks over 300 whisky varieties, Gurgaon's Whisky Samba is also the most happening place in town according to many. With a great balance of cocktails, scotch and food, who needs anything more? Wait, and amazing live music acts to the mix and it only gets better!

What Could Be Better?

Service but that's only on weekends, it's hard to blame them though, considering the spot is more than packed on holidays!

What's My Pro Tip?

Go for lunch, the new winter menu deserves time and attention. The chef has a pulse on what guests like, he's intuitive to the fact that people like spicy grills with spirits like whisky, so the new menu is all about the robata grill, with a smokeless one presented at every table, ideal for winter, so your food stays hot while you sip. The charcoal grills include the African hearth chicken, Samba-style pork ribs, amazing lamb chops and the flame-fired Brioche of Misfits burger.

Also, each dish paired with a whisky or a whisky cocktail and the grills are inspired by global flavours, from Asia to South America.

Anything Else?

Plus, it gets better, even the desserts here are great! The Tiramisu comes with a Bourbon pouring sauce that's worth being a dessert in itself and then there is a Kaffir Lime Cheesecake which is a whole new level of citrus flavoured cheesecake!