Plates, Mugs, Platters: Look, This Ceramic Crockery Is So Instagrammable!

    What Makes It Awesome

    White Hill Studio, an online tableware brand, is Nandita Aron's attempt at bringing a bit of nature and mountains on to our dinner tables. The ceramic collections all have a unique story behind them and look every bit ethereal (with or without french fries in them).

    Nandita is the chief storyteller, a wildlife enthusiast, and the brain behind this mountain-inspired ceramic tableware brand. While her studio-cum-head-office is in Bareilly, she confesses that Shimla, where she spends most of her time, has been her muse. So far, she has collaborated with potters all over India and it shows through in each piece that speaks of a different style and technique that’s unique to the maker.

    We found a lot of pretty-looking mugs, dinner plates, platters, tumblers, bowls, baking dishes, and quarter plates at White Hill Studio. The brand's collection Midnight in Mashobra took a year to take shape and is our favourite out of the lot. (And that, quite frankly, was a very tough decision to make). The artwork for this collection was created by Bengaluru-based artist Bakula Nayak and is based on a tale of three friends - Fredrick the rabbit, Tara the sheep, and Raka the leopard. 

    You can place orders through their website or browse through their collections on Kalpane, The House of Things, Bubblewrap Store, and Natty. Prices for White Hill Studio's ceramic tableware start at INR 950.

    What Could Be Better

    Since everything is handmade and goes through several processes and people, it’s pretty darn expensive. So, treat these ceramics as statement pieces or party ice breakers (we really need to host more high teas to show these off!)

    Also, while it all looks smooth as butter and pretty as a picture, they take pride in rough edges for the handmade range, so if you’re one for uniformity, look at their factory-made tableware only. 


    They are available to shop on LBB so yayy for hassle-free delivery.