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    Wholesome Ingredients for Your Table with Olive Tree Trading

    Editors posted on 21 July

    A gentleman by the name of Mr. Suku Shah was once told that should he wish to consume a high quality of olive oil with his meal, he should import it into the country himself. Today, he’s having the last laugh, standing at the helm of a largely successful online gourmet store. Olive Tree is the name, and many high quality eats are the game.

    With time, the people of our city {and country} have become more discerning about what they put on their tables, and with good reason. With all the processed food on supermarket shelves, we need to take what we put into our bodies seriously, which is what Olive Tree stands for. Their brand, Olea Europaea, carries a large range of jams, honey, bread toppings, truffle oils, pasta sauces and olives. All of these are crafted with the consumer’s ultimate well-being in mind, so you can expect low sodium and sugar levels. Their Rustic Bruschetta bread topping? Top notch. In their honey variants, you can opt for Wildflower, Acacia, or even Chestnut honey. They’re all raw and unpasteurized.

    Their Black Cherry and Blueberry jams are high on actual fruit content {61% to 92%} and you can taste the freshness in every bite. None of that preservative laden synthetic taste. Au naturale.

    When it comes to their pasta sauces, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. Go with the Artichoke and Garlic Pesto, or perhaps the Pasta Sauce with Sweet Peppers. Try the sundried tomatoes and artichokes in olive oil as well. They’re all big on flavour, with quality that will make any chef, professional or otherwise, proud. All of Olea Europaea’s products are available at select retail stores, and online as well. In fact, if you shop on their website, they’ll even give you a 25% discount. Winning.

    Considering this endeavour started with a simple bottle of olive oil, and the determination to fill a table with unadulterated goodness, Olive Tree has come a long way. Suku Shah’s epicurean interests, mirrored by many, shine through to bring you products with promise.

    Browse and buy, here.

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