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Whoa! This Website Lets You Gaze Out Of Strangers' Windows Across The Globe

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Aren't we all in the same boat, sitting at home, staring at the corners of our room? We all want a different view, right? With increasing number of Covid-19 cases, stepping out is not possible but this website called Window Swap will do the work and not let the boredom get to you. Keep reading to know how.

Window Swap is this newly launched website that lets you look out of other people's windows (sitting at your own home). No kidding! Started by a husband-wife duo based out of Singapore, as you open their website, you'll be able to look out of windows of people from across the globe and you could keep switching the windows. Is it fun? Of course, it is. I just gazed at a beautiful, green view from USA, witnessed a rainy day in Gurgaon, and saw two doggos playing in Spain. What more you could ask for?

Do you wish to submit your video? Well, you could record a 10-minute video of how your window view looks like, then upload, and voila. 

Now, go have fun!