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Wine, Shower Gels, Stationery: This Gift Box Has All This And More!

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Chennai-based gift box curator, The Style Salad, has an exciting mix of products that can be packaged into the perfect surprise or pre-packed formats to make anyone’s day, with stuff like gourmet soaps, yoga bars, scrubs, cupcakes, coffee powders and more.

Leave It To Them

Unlike other gift boxes, we’re loving how we see a person in each of the pre-fixed boxes. The Wine All The Time is for that friend you’ve spent countless nights drinking wine and contemplating bad decisions and breakups with {it’s got sangria chocolate, wine stained napkins, wine charm and a wine bath}.

A friend of friend throwing a housewarming party? Get her The Style Salad Home box that has cushion covers, tea books, cool chai kuhlars and a beautiful wooden tray for nibbles.

What’s Your Type?

These dabbas are so inclusive that they’ve got {almost} every personality type covered, from the muscle heads to sleepy heads.

We suggest you check out the Morning Sunshine for when mornings seem too uninspiring, Hey Dude for when you want to make up after a mean fight with your better half and Festive to thank mummy when she goes crazy turning those cupboards from clutter to clean {it has marmalades, green tea, soaps, healthy chakhna and more}.

Need more choices? Find them here.

Make Your Own Salad

Like a little bit of coffee, a little bit of wine and whole lot of gourmet tea? The Style Salad lets you pick and customise based on whim, so you can get just what you want to cheer you up on a crappy work day.

The prices of the pre-packed boxes start at INR 1,999 and they can be delivered pan-India.