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Wing Chun Your Way Through This Summer By Taking These Awesome Classes

Sunaina posted on 3rd March

Ten-Second Takeaway

Looking to learn some self-defense but don’t know where to start? Wing Chun, the youngest form of Kung-Fu, is heavily based on mechanisms of self-defense techniques, and you can learn it right here in the capital.

Remember Bruce Lee?

Wing Chun was popularised by Bruce Lee in the west. All those Kung-Fu movies you watched growing up are actually based on Wing Chun fighting techniques. Wing Chun’s also the only form of martial arts invented by a woman who was a Buddhist monk. So that’s awesome motivation for all the women to come forth and learn some awesome techniques to kick butt!

What Is Wing Chun?

The concept of Wing Chun heavily depends on your centre – line alignment and balance — which is why training methods are focused on repeated conditioning of the muscles and posture by alignment and stances.

Hence Wing Chun is often described as a soft form of Kung-Fu, which can be practiced by people of all ages.

Anyone Can Wing It

Since its purely concept-based, Wing Chun is an explosive short range combat system that can be exploited by one and all, irrespective of gender or age, to win over some stronger or bigger opponents. The fights are short and intense and it’s the best form of street fighting!

We think it’s time Delhi men and women learn some short and intense form of martial arts and we couldn’t help but think of Wing Chun for you!

For more info you can always check out the official Wing Chun website here.

So We’re Saying…

Sasanka Deka, a Wing Chun professional instructor takes Wing Chun classes in Hauz Khas Enclave. You can get in touch with him for more information regarding classes, timings, charges etc.

Contact: +91 9873062709

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