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MEGU - The Leela Palace

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This New Winter Menu At Megu Is A Beautiful Representation Of Japan

Aniruddh posted on 30th January

Ten Second Takeaway

Megu at Leela Palace, Chanakyapuri has come up with a brand new winter menu which features a lot of fresh flavours from the heart of Japan, and we’re totally in love with it.

Who Is It For?

If you love Japanese cuisine or if you’re a first-timer, Megu should be on your list. It’s a fine dining restaurant that’s part of Leela, so expect the prices to be heavy on your pockets, but it is a definite go-to if you’re looking to celebrate an occasion with someone special, or just experience authentic Japanese food.

What Is The Ambience Like?

The restaurant is set up in multiple sections and each section is as unique as the next {what a beaut it is}. There is a regular sitting area with multiple tables and other sections that are more private and intimate.

The whole theme is based on the culture of eating together as one unit as it is in Japan.

That's What {Su}shi Said

The menu has a great mix of traditional dishes from all over Japan. From seaweed and King crab all the way to Sea Bass and some really good tea sweets—you can have it all.

We fell in love with the appetisers: The Tokyo Iri Hijiki and Inari {simmered seaweed tofu skin in white sesame sauce} blew us away. We were then treated to some delicious King Crab with Soy Ikura—you have to have this one.

What follows are a series of delicious rounds of sushi and sashimi that gives all other Japanese restaurants in town a run for their money. They also serve some great Chilean Sea Bass and cod cooked in traditional Japanese ingredients and methods.

Anything Else?

As the whole menu is specially curated, you have to order the entire meal 24 hours prior by making a reservation at the restaurant. We say go make that reservation right now {we’re going there again for sure}.

MEGU - The Leela Palace

Fine Dining