9 Must-Haves For Your Movie Marathons This Holiday Season


    Mid-November onwards is our officially marks the season to cuddle up with some cosy quilts, hot chocolate and warm socks. All our introvert buddies out there, we know it's a parrtyyyy for you! Well, because I personally love the sweater weather, I've compiled a checklist of must-have items to make your movie marathons during the holiday season 10x better and cosier. So, once your movie watchlist is ready, start carting these to enhance your at-home movie-watching experience.      

    PS: here's a list of iconic Christmas movies that might come in handy for your movie marathon. 

    1. A Cosy Throw Blanket

    Sashaa World

    Available on LBB

    You know those cosy night suits you love to cuddle up in an Emirates flight? Well, to get that level of cosiness on a chilly winter night, I've picked an oh-so-warm throw blanket from Saasha World. Tuck yourself into this heavenly piece of fabric and make your sofa/bed the comfiest zone in your home.  

    Apart from the functionality, this high-end throw also serves as a rustic decor piece for your living room if adorned well on your sofa with a couple of cushions. 

    Tip: while washing it, it's recommended to use fabric softer to retain its softness. 

    Also, do check out our winter bedtime essentials!

    2. Warm Wintery Socks


    Available on LBB

    This is one of the easiest ways to infuse some #HolidayVibes. While you can pick any pair (or five) from this collection, I've picked these royal green patterned socks, as they also give a Christmasy vibe. I prefer Dynamocks's socks as they are basically warm hugs for your feet. 

    Not your vibe? Find your style here

    3. A Heartwarming Cup Of Cocoa

    Sarah’s Cocoa

    Available on LBB

    Everyone's favourite winter beverage - hot chocolate is not just a drink, it's an emotion (and is PYAAR)! Make cafe-style hot chocolate using Sarah's Cocoa's hot chocolate blends that range from dark chocolate to classic cinnamon. I've picked the marshmallow one, as marshmallow + hot chocolate = best combo. 

    Tip: add a pinch of salt to your hot chocolate to enhance the flavours. 

    Also do read, 7 chocolate blends that'll help you make cafe-style hot cocoa at home!

    4. Movie Time = Popcorn Time

    Popcorn & Co.

    Available on LBB

    Yep, we know Act II popcorn is your go-to, but this holiday season we highly recommend you give this DIY popcorn kit a shot. This one kit comes in six different flavours - so pick and choose and prepare the popcorn of your choice. It comes with corn kernels, and 6 seasonings including butter salt, peri peri, papdi chaat, cheddar cheese, hot & sweet ketchup, spicy BBQ. 

    This can be cooked in a microwave or a gas stove. 

    5. Oh-So-Warm Scented Candle

    Glimpse Homes

    Available on LBB

    With a burn time of 40 hours, you can easily binge-watch at least 3 movies and sit back and enjoy, while this candle fills the room with a cosy aroma. A set of two, these winter candles also make great gifts for your folks.  

    6. A Retro-Themed Popcorn Making Machine

    Retro-Themed Popcorn Making Machine

    Retro-Themed Popcorn Making Machine

    Well, this one is a lifetime investment, and only if you're a true cinema fan, go for it! It's worth the splurge. As this is powered by electricity, you don't really need oil or gas. In just a few minutes, you can get fresh and hot popcorn and enjoy it while you watch your movie. 

    7. A Hearty Bowl Of Instant Noodles

    Winters and monsoons are the perfect time to get cosy and enjoy a bowl of instant noodles. Of course, Maggi is our saviour, but we've come across a super cool instant noodle brand that does a healthy version of instant noodles. Well, it takes a little more than 2 minutes to whip up these noodles - 7 minutes to be precise. The noodles are made from healthy millet flour, against maida. 

    8. Funky Snack Platters

    Amaya Decors

    Available on LBB

    If you're having your gang over, then make sure you serve in style! These cool bucket snack platters are ideal to serve dry and fried snacks to your folks and are sure to impress them.  

    10. Furry Slip-Ons

    Furry Slip-Ons

    Furry Slip-Ons

    Girls! Movie marathon or not, these faux fur slippers from H&M are a must-have during the winters. Put on some cream, pull up your socks and wear these oh-so-comfy pair to experience cosiness at its best!