Winter Ramen Menu, Guppy

    Lodhi Colony, Delhi

    What's Happening

    Guppy in Lodhi Colony is doing a winter menu with 12 kinds of ramen. These fairly wholesome authentic Japanese meals-in-a-bowl are great if you're looking for an interesting winter menu. We tried the Cha Shu Ramen (pork belly and soy flavoured pork stock) which was really interesting, and the Tokyo Shio Chicken Ramen, which was milder (and perfect if you think the ramen vibe is a little too intense). We also hear the Burnt Garlic ramen is pretty flavourful.

    Price Includes

    Prices range from INR 800-990 per meal-in-a-bowl

    Make A Note

    The flavours can be strong, and may not work across palates, so bear that in mind (especially when ordering seafood.

      Lodhi Colony, Delhi