Round the corner from a huge man-made mountain of mud and garbage, down a long, narrow street framed by large trucks, lies the Inland Container Depot at Tughlakabad. Follow the signs for WIP- the Street Art show and it’s relatively easy to find.

The containers lie about like huge lego blocks long forgotten by a giant baby. An interesting location in itself, the depot is not one you would expect to visit for an art show, but that is why we are here. A series of bright pink containers, carefully placed to create a stadium-like boundary, are where we have to go. Upon entering this container bowl, we are immediately greeted by large scale murals, innumerable buckets of paint lying in corners, and groups of genuinely eager visitors, clicking away with their low grade phones, or high tech cameras.

We decide to take a walk..

IMG_7669 #LBBPhotoEssay: WIP Street Art Show

IMG_7615 #LBBPhotoEssay: WIP Street Art Show

IMG_7654 #LBBPhotoEssay: WIP Street Art Show

IMG_7627 #LBBPhotoEssay: WIP Street Art Show

IMG_76061 #LBBPhotoEssay: WIP Street Art Show

IMG_76181 #LBBPhotoEssay: WIP Street Art Show

IMG_76571 #LBBPhotoEssay: WIP Street Art Show

IMG_7633 #LBBPhotoEssay: WIP Street Art Show

IMG_7639 #LBBPhotoEssay: WIP Street Art Show

IMG_7608 #LBBPhotoEssay: WIP Street Art Show

IMG_7648 #LBBPhotoEssay: WIP Street Art Show

Where: Inland Container Depot, Tughlakabad, Okhla Phase I

When: 1 – 28 February, 2016

Nearest Metro Station: Tughlakabad

Timings: 12pm – 6pm {Open Thursday to Sunday}


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