Ladies, You Have To Check Out These 10 Subscription Boxes

We love subscription boxes because of the surprise element and all the useful and adorable things that come along with it. So, pamper yourself and sign up for one?

My Envy Box

Providing you the best of beauty in a box, My Envy Box curates trial-sized beauty products from international luxury brands and curated jewellery from designer labels. This is to give you a sneak peak into the products that you can splurge on later.

Price: INR 850 onwards for the beauty box and INR 2,450 for the jewellery box (monthly).

Fab Bag

Log in every month and see what the Fab Bag team has curated for you. An amazing gifting option, the bag generally has a selection of grooming and lifestyle products; mostly fragrances, lipsticks, and oils.

Price: INR 599 per month. For 12 months, INR 416 per month.


Fashion, beauty, gourmet, and lifestyle all come together in the Sugarbox, whose in-house stylists handpick products for you. They have limited edition boxes too (priced differently, though), like the PepperBox, which has men’s essentials; the Bridesmaids' box or the Fearless women's hamper. 

Price: INR 1,199 per month onwards (for the annual plan).

Being Juliet

This is our favourite of the lot. A special PMS and period pampering box, Being Juliet delivers its goodies exactly five days before your period, giving you ample love and comforting. You can choose upto 20 sanitary requirements, and put in your period deets to receive a box full of pain comforters and ‘thoughtful gifts’. Guys, this is also a great gifting option for that special lady in your life or girls, this could be something that you would like to gift yourself. They have two types of boxes- 'Being Juliet' (the premium box that comes with comforters and thoughtful gifts) and 'Being Jane' (the necessity box that comes with sanitation essentials).

Price: INR 899 onwards (for 'Being Juliet') and INR 499 onwards (for 'Being Jane') per month.

Geek Crate

The Geek Crate is one of the two geek subscription boxes in the country. Each box comes with five products, one of which will always be a cool pop culture tee (Black Panther, Thanos, Counter Strike and the like) and also includes four other goodies which could be a bottle, miniature figurines, key chains, mystery posters. You just have to see what's in store for you. 

Price: INR 1,899 per month.

The Queen Bee

The  Queen Bee was started in order to provide women with healthy, delicious snacks to dispel their PMS blues. Their snacks are made with natural, gluten-free ingredients. With a set of eight natural, low calorie ‘PMS Balls’, made from a blend of herbs and seeds and enriched with vitamins. They come in different flavours like, choco-coconut, choco-nut, classic coconut, classic walnut and more. They come with a small bottle of forest honey and green tea, all natural and healthy. 

Price: INR 300 per month.


Love everything about Japan? Obachan is a monthly Japanese subscription box with a bunch of goodies from the country. This includes cute bowties, chopsticks, pen brushes, local candy, fabric (if you get lucky you could get some towels in your box too), cute stationery like sushi erasers, you'll just have to see what you get in yours. So, don't wait and order yours now!

Price:  INR 1,500 for one box (plus shipping).

The Big Book Box

If you're a bibliophile who doesn't like to confirm to a specific style of writing or genre, you'll love this book subscription service. The Big Book Box sends not only a collection of books across best-sellers, classics, and books that deserve more credit, but also merchandise and goodies such as scented candles and t-shirts with cool quotes (if you're lucky, you might also get tshirts with the Hogwarts sigil on them). They have a lot of subscription packs, ranging from one book per month to six.

Price: INR 1,599 per month onwards.


FUBU curates pop-up, short story books for kids across ages one to six. You can specify the age bracket your toddler falls in, and the number of months you'd like to subscribe to their service. With each box, you also get gifts for your kid such as markers, colours, educational toys, and more. So, if you're looking to spend some quality time with your kid, order this box and make it a memorable one.

Price: 850 per month onwards.

Lady Raga

Lady Raga is a beauty subscription box that will pamper you in the best way possible. Each of the subscription boxes is packed with a combination of products ranging from jewellery, lifestyle, beauty products to even fashion accessories. Oh, and you also get a surprise gift! You can also select a subscription box where you can curate your own box. 

Price: Starting at INR 555 per month.