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This Wooden Furniture Place Next To Noida Nurseries Is A Treat

Rene posted on 02 December


Exit DLF Mall of India (you should be facing Radisson Blu), walk left and you’ll see a string of nurseries. Linger, look closer and you’ll find a few furniture shops making wooden home decor, giving Amar Colony stiff competition.

What Makes It Awesome

We were Amar Colony snobs till we found Panchkuiyan and then, both of them suffered a terrible fall from grace because hey, we found these haunts that put a full stop to our love affair with the Delhi markets.

The plants peeking out from the nurseries and the different colours of wood made the whole area look like a dreamy tea estate.

While every tiny establishment in this row is worth a visit, we found ourselves liking K.S. Furniture the most. The man at the shop was patient enough to let us keep strolling, admiring and asking a gazillion questions, and then there’s the fact that everything here is made of solid teak wood.

Side tables, beds, chairs, dressers, side cabinets, coffee tables and mirrors were all lined in one narrow alley reminding us of people at a party who don’t know how to take compliments – all of them pieces were so beautiful, but oh-so-self-conscious.

Every once in a while we want to revamp our home without causing irreparable fiscal deficit and now, we’re looking no further than these shops.

Pro Tip

Oh, and did we tell you that they customise orders?

To give you an idea, the small side tables are priced around INR 2,500 and so are individual chairs. The cabinets and marble top tables are close to INR 5,000 and the like. Rest, it depends on how much you can haggle.

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Furniture Stores

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Near DLF Mall of India, Sector 18, Noida

Furniture Stores

K.S Furniture