Woodgeek Store For Wooden Notebooks, Sunglasses & Bow Ties


A store that is passionate about wood and wooden products, Woodgeek Store makes really unique notebooks, sunglasses and more. And, they last a lifetime.

What Makes Them Awesome

They call themselves ‘geeks with a passion for all things wooden’. From the texture of the material to the warmth of the grain, Woodgeek Store is emblematic of times long gone—when wood was the go-to material for all products. Bringing it back in style, we are impressed with their handiwork; their customised notebooks and cutesy pen drives, in particular, sealed the deal.

Their bamboo sunglasses, available with polarised UV lenses, are eco-friendly and super-light (and are also weather protected). The wooden phone covers are pretty cute, too.  Available in bamboo, walnut, and rosewood, they have wooden inlays and are sometimes engraved with patterns. They've also got the nicest wooden bowties for men (a little pricey though) one for INR 1,300 and they've recently started doing wooden name plates for houses and engraved wooden signs (you can make your own)

Creating fun things out of wood and bamboo, this store is based in Coochbehar in West Bengal, emerging out of a family-run plywood manufacturing business. After some research, the team found that they could make diary covers out of thin bamboo panels, and worked with issues that wouldn’t lead to warping and breakage.Using CNC techniques, laser-cutting and UV coating techniques, Woodgeek Store has bowled us over with their notebooks that use recycled paper, and can be customised with any message.

What Could Be Better

We'd like to see them introduce some more designs.