These Writing Journals Are For Classy, Stationery-Loving Wordsmiths


    Sukriti Jiwarajka recently launched Chambers Of Ink; an e-store housing beautiful writing journals from PaperBlanks and Paper-Oh {two brands making their debut in India with the venture}. The idea of the website is to wean the young and restless away from their gadgets, and get them to embrace pencils and diaries again.

    For Better And For Verse…

    We’ve all gone through that phase when we used to lock those teenage stories away in diaries. And slam books. Remember those? The point being, tablets {and typed-out notes in general} pale in comparison to heartfelt letters scribbled in bad handwriting, but who even has pen friends or a daily dairy anymore?

    25-year-old Sukriti was bemoaning the same loss, so she decided to revive the dying art of writing journals by the way of some gorgeous reinforcements. Each of these journals have a story, which means that you can never judge their products by the cover because. This one, for instance, is inspired by Laurel Burch’s {an artist selling handmade jewellery on the streets of San Francisco} work. This has the exact note Mahatama Gandhi wrote the day before he went on Dandi March. These are journals with a soul, or what we call ‘meaningful stationery’.

    …They Got Our {Paper}Back

    If you’re someone who still finds beauty in yellowed pages and disintegrating libraries, you must browse through the site. We say this because the writing journals take inspiration from all over—French textile, Persian binding-art, Japanese lacquer boxes, embroidery from Gujarat and more—and it’s fascinating to discover their backstory before you walk out with your favourite.

    So, We’re Thinking…

    If your head {like ours} is where a lot of stories {some profound and some plain ridiculous} are stored, consider treating yourself to these journals here. Thank us for this lovely investment, because these might be classy while still not being millionaire-level unaffordable—prices of some of these small-sized beauties start from INR 800.

    Price: Starting at INR 800