Yangsum Heritage Farm


Escape To Yangsum Heritage Farm In Sikkim For Peace & Quiet

Bikram posted on 15th August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Tucked in between acres of gorgeous farms, breathtakingly mighty mountains and quaint hill villages lies the Yangsum Heritage Farm in Sikkim, a family-run homestay that promises scenic views.

Stone And Wood

The property boasts of six distinct rooms, each done up impeccably in shades of teak and mahogany, and offering stellar views of either snowy peaks or flourishing farms. The rooms have little alcoves for extra sleepers, and all modern comforts {read hot water and a fancy loo}, but just a step outside from your porch brings you back in the middle of a simpler life.

Prepare to disconnect and soak in some much needed suspension time.

A Slice Of Local Life

Days at the Yangsum farm are constructed around your personal whims, with a little help from owner, Tashi. You could choose to sit on your personal verandah, sip on a hot brew and watching a gentle drizzle moisten the fields of corn in front of you.

Or you could, like us, decide to go for a little amble around the property and its surrounding villages with local lads Manoj or David. This leisurely walk showcases delightful scenes from an everyday existence, including a tiny functional post office, cheery kids reciting their classes, and a host of very active farm animals playing merrily with each other.

The walk slowly transforms into a brisk trek, and you pass old temple ruins, the most gorgeous of blue flowers and end up atop a view point with stunning views of hills, valleys and lush white waterfalls.

The walk back to the farm involves cardamom plants, turmeric fields and towering fruit heavy banana palms.

Treats from A Traditional Kitchen

Meals typically start with a soothing soup {the nettle soup and the Sikkim cheese soup were my absolutely favourite}, and move to exotic fare like stir fried pumpkin leaves, bamboo shoot, country-style chicken curry, fern, local fermented spinach, and on one night the most melt in the mouth momo we had devoured in a long time.

Our host was also kind enough to pair one rainy evening with crisp hot pakoras, and delicate China cups full of spicy ginger tea.   

Expect the Unexpected

Two beautifully behaved dogs started joining us for our daily morning tea service, and sneakily partaking of our stash of cookies. And a little walk up to the local market revealed plenty of boozy counters, so Old Monk could finally be consumed in his birthplace.

We could go on and on- but it’s important you create some of your own special memories here too.

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Yangsum Chingthang Block, Rinchenpong, Sikkim

Yangsum Heritage Farm