All Natural & Vegan: YBP Cosmetics Will Bring You Closer To Getting Flawless Skin

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What Makes It Awesome

We’re done with all the sparkles and unnecessary scents in our skincare products; now, we’re just looking for effective skincare without chemicals that’ll clog up our skin. YBP Cosmetics, an online store, has been the answer to all our prayers. Their no-nonsense approach (or effortless as they prefer to call it) to skincare is all about vegan and natural ingredients, the fewer the better. They’ve got facial oils, serums, and even multi-use makeup products we got our hands on. They're all about educating about the right way to do your skincare routine rather than shoving 100 different product recommendations into our shopping carts.

Their most recommended product has to be the Plant Remedy Skin Elixir. There’s literally only 4 ingredients in the bottle and is good for sun damaged and sensitive skin; it’s deeply nourishing and helps reduce redness as well as strengthening your skin against acne. If you’ve seen those facial rollers all over Instagram (particularly on Deepika Padukone’s IG), they’ve got their own set of Gua Shua spoons made from crystals. The Rose Quartz Facial Gua Shua was a lovely shade of pink and is supposed to increase blood circulation, reduce puffiness and relax the skin. While we’re going to wait a few days before deciding how effective it is, it definitely does feel relaxing and luxurious and is a fun step to add to our self-care Sunday skincare routine. 

Makeup wise, they’ve got a multi-use Colour Cream that’s perfect for you if you’re into the minimalistic and monochromatic makeup look. You can use it on your cheeks, lips and eyes for a one and done look. We tried the shade The Mermaid which was a beautiful mauve that’ll suit a lot of Indian skin tones. The Colour Creams are also influencer-approved by beauty blogger, Shreya Jain!

Price: INR 800 onwards

What Could Be Better

Presently, they’ve only got two Colour Creams on their website so a full range of vegan makeup products would be a welcome addition in our daily makeup routine.


They’re offering free shipping on all purchases made on their website! Also, if you're looking to learn more about the products and skincare in general, they post tons of informative posts and videos on their Instagram page.