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Yoga On Your Mind? Check Out These Must-Have Yoga Accessories

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Today, the concept of yoga has changed and a lot of yogis incorporate tools to help enhance basic and complex practices, and since we’re living in times where life is just easier, why shouldn’t you invest in some funky yoga accessories to help with your practice? Check these out!

Gaiman Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat

You can obviously use a regular mat you find at any sports and equipment shop but because we’re aiming to make your practice more unique and enjoyable, the Gaiman Sol Dry-Grip yoga mat gives you that ultra-grip. Just what your sweaty palms need!

It has additional cushioning and it’s great for some power and hot yoga.

Brand: Gaiman

Price: INR 6,271 {approx}

Buy it here.

Yoga Foam Block

Blocks are usually used to correct postures and get the right placing while doing your side planks or the Trikonasan. It’s fabulous for beginners to bring in the flexibility. You get some awesome extra light weight foam ones in lots of colours.

Brand: Everlast, Technix

Price: Starts from INR 359

Buy it here.

Bare Foot Yogi Cotton Mat Bag

With that awesome mat, you should try out some colourful mat bags that suit your yogi personality! This one caught our eye. The Bare Foot Yogi is now available on Amazon India.

Brand: Bare Foot Yogi

Price: INR 1,800

Buy it here.

Yoga Straps

Yoga straps are best used for stretching to those places you can’t quite reach yet! Very helpful to make your hands meet behind your back, giving you that perfect stretch.

Brand: Health and Yoga

Price: INR 270 {6ft} ; INR 295 {8ft}

Buy it here.

Yoga Wheel

A yoga wheel is an excellent yoga tool to open the entire back, shoulders, align spines, relax muscles, deep stretch those quadriceps and open up those gorgeous hips. It’s an all in all accessory for that perfectly balanced workout, and it helps you heal from any back injury.

Unfortunately it’s a bit steep in its pricing but hey, it lasts long and can help you reap the benefits from the excellent poses you can try with it!

Brand: SweatShop Eco-Friendly

Price: INR 3,099.00

Buy it here.

Neti Pot

Jal Neti is a healthy Hath yoga technique to clean your sinuses. It’s one of the six purification methods in Hath yoga—it clears out your sinus cavities and prevents impurities from getting clogged {which leads to infections, inflammations and headaches}. Use the neti pot every morning before or after your practice.

Brand: Health and Yoga

Price: INR 650 onwards

Buy it here

Yoga Pants

Let us see you do that yoga in some sexy harem pants! This one’s just for them girls, although boys look quite hot in harems too, we think. Buy some insane psychedelic colours from Canviar.

Brand: Yogaom Pants Hippie Harems Girls; Unileke by Canviar

Price: INR 301

Buy it here

Toe Sox

They look like regular socks but have a solid grip at the bottom. Perfect for not slipping away whilst on a downward dog! Try these out, they’re all the rage right now.

Brand: Different brands available on Amazon India

Price: INR 2,160 onwards

Buy it here.