Yoga In Your Massages & Wine In Your Scrubs At Sawadhee Spa

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If you’re burning out or simply need to de-stress with some essential oils, Sawadhee’s Sports Massage and home-made red wine scrub might be a good answer to all your woes.

Red Red Wine

It is staying close to you, at Sawadhee Traditional Thai Spa. They’ve recently introduced two new home-made scrubs which will make you feel clean, instantly soft and yummy.

The red wine scrub is a sugar-based scrub which smells exactly like the real thing {because they’ve actually used quality wine}. Like all scrubs, it does feel a little unpleasant as it’s being rubbed onto your skin, but the minute you rinse it off it’s a whole new world. Your skin will feel and smell amazing, we guarantee.

Next on our list: Vanilla Chai Scrub.

A Much Kneaded Stretch

Before you start the scrubbing, it’s important that you relax your body, and what better way than to sign up for a massage that stretches out every part of you? The Sports Massage at Sawadhee is a popular pick.

Not only are you treated to a healthy massage with an oil of your choice {we like the Jasmine Orange}, but your arms, legs and even back are stretched to the extent where you feel like you’re doing yoga asanas, while making zero effort.

Last but not least, treat yourself to a cup of herbal tea and then head off for an afternoon siesta.