In today’s fast-paced life, we think physical fitness is of utmost importance, along with mental clarity and contentment. That’s why Yoga and Pilates is perfect for the contemporary individual. It addresses both aspects of well-being and can be tailored to suit all your time-constraints. LBB compiles the best spots to explore further, or perhaps if you’ve already tried your hand at it- pick up some advanced techniques.

For the Yoga Loyalist

Studio Abhyas

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Abhyas follows the tradition of Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, which focuses on coordinating asana with breathing. The classes lay emphasis on mindfulness, alignment of body, and the entire experience of the practice, rather than mastering one posture.  We recommend a class at Abhyas if you’re making a dedicated effort to hone mental and physical well-being, not if it’s a passing interest.

Where: 112 Anand lok, R-17 Hauz Khas Enclave

Contact: +91 9810522624 {Hauz Khas Enclave}, +91 9810196669 {Anand Lok}

For a full class schedule, timings and fee options, click here.

Poorna Yoga

They teach traditional Hatha Yoga, from the Sivananda School, and their teachers come certified from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedantas Centres. They focus on the experience of yoga, and incorporating breathing and meditation, as much as physical movement. Their beginner classes come highly recommended for those starting out, since they practice restorative yoga, making it easy to keep up.

Where: C-12 Gulmohar Park {not their permanent venue, they conduct classes at various locations}

Contact: +91 9873196612

For a full class schedule, timings and fee options click here, or follow them for updates here.

Bharat Thakur’s Artistic Yoga

Backed by celebrity prowess, Bharat Thakur’s centers give new meaning to active yoga. Far from slow-paced, traditional teaching styles, his studios focus on active or power yoga aimed at weight loss by using an approach that uses asanas and other yogic techniques to work on all aspects of physical fitness – flexibiltiy, strength, cardio, endurance, agility and coordinative ability – to ensure a person is fit, before moving towards higher practices.

Where: Find a studio here

Contact: To book a trial class, call 1800-102-1000

For a full class schedule, timings and fee options click here.

Om Yogashala

Instructor Mini Shastri’s classes go above and beyond a regular yoga session. Dedicated to flexibility, toning and strengthening with Pranayam techniques and meditation, she also offers nutritional and dietary tips. Although her classes usually go relatively full, she manages to give personalised attention to each student, talking you through every posture and pose, giving you a brief background and a personal story, soundtracked by soft ambient music. Each class is different, beating the mundane trap yoga can so easily fall into.

Where: D-5/9 Vasant Vihar

Get in touch: Write to them at for a full class schedule, timings and fee options.

Seema Sondhi – The Yoga Studio

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Yogi Seema Sondhi and her instructors, Bindya and Anuska, focus more on the Asthanga Vinyasa form of yoga,  perfect for those looking to develop strength, lose weight, and tone their bodies by working deeper muscles. Each class comes with a new flow, and each instructor has their own style of teaching, which keeps sessions challenging; classes are structured in a way that make them both beginner and yoga-pro friendly.

Where: D 43 Hauz Khas {close to the main market of Hauz Khas, down NIFT}

Get in touch: +91 9811131368

For a full class schedule, timings and fee options, click here and follow them for regular updates here.


Operational in Gurgaon since 2004, we can only assume they are the masters of zen to have survived a decade in this town. {More power!}. With multiple centres across Gurgaon, the 60 minute weekday sessions are perfect for those who are trying to fit them into their work week.

Where: DLF Phases 1&2 + Sectors 15, 21 & 55, and South City, Gurgaon

Contact: +91 9810645850/+91 9818865306/+91 9811155549 or email them at

For a full class schedule click here

Komal Yoga

Certified to teach yoga from the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, Komal also knows what she’s doing with Body Balance and Zumba. This young lady has a passion for trekking and one of her conquests includes Mt. Everest Base Camp. Having worked across popular fitness centres across Delhi and Gurgaon, she now teaches at her Phase 4 studio. Komal Yoga also doubles as a Pilates Studio.

Where: DLF Phases 4, Gurgaon

Contact: +91 9811977066 or mail her at

For a full class schedule, click here

Special Yogis

This group of yoga practitioners believe that yoga is for just about everyone – and is true to its word, offering classes for people of all ages, pre-natal yoga and specialised personalised classes for individuals with developmental or behavioral challenges, including ADHD, dyslexia, autism and visual/auditory disorders, among others.

Where: Nirvana Country, South City II, Gurgaon

Contact: Mail YWS at or all then at +91 9871822225/+91 9811558076

For class schedule, click here

Yoga With Sapna

This is a program that draws from the traditional discipline but is adapted to the contemporary lifestyle. Each technique has been tailored by Sapna Dutt, who has been a practitioner for over 18 years. She has a deep understanding of Iyenger yoga, and has travelled all over India and the US to gather a range of different styles. She promotes yoga as a means of strengthening the two pillars of happy living – mental and physical wellbeing.

Where: B 54-A, Sushant Lok-I,Gurgaon

Contact: Mail them at or call at +91 981 009 5433.

For class schedule, click here.


There are times when you need a complete break from reality and all of its idiosyncrasies. Enter Zehen. They have an extensive fitness studio that features both yoga and pilates, as well as spinning and functional training – to name a few. You can sign up for five trial classes before you make your decision about which direction to head in, fitness-wise.

Where: 77 Friends Colony {West}

Contact: Mail them at or call at 011 43235111

Find out more, here.

Studio Prana

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The brainchild of Rahul Bhasin and his wife Eunkyoung, this studio focuses on a myriad of yoga styles – be it Hatha yoga or Ashtanga Vinayasa. Having been in the corporate industry for a good 15 years, Rahul understands the need for physical fitness and more importantly, mental health. He brings to the table his deep knowledge of the human anatomy as well as homeopathy for holistic wellness. Him, his wife, along with the two instructors are all certified {RYT 200- International Yoga Alliance} and she has over 10 years of experience in all schools of yoga.

Where: 37, 2nd Floor, Main Acharya Niketan Market, Mayur Vihar

Contact: Mail them at or call at +91 9810172485/ +91 9716308893

For a full schedule, click here.

Isha Foundation

Advocates of classical Hatha yoga in its purest form, this center also offers Yogasanas, Surya Kriya and Angamardana – to name a few. If you want to start your little one off early, they even have children’s yoga. For a truly spiritual transformation, this should be your pick.

Where: 4 Osho Drive, Mandi Gaon Road

Contact: +91 9971800069/ +91 9717283154

More information, here.

Dhyana Yoga and Wellness Studio

To be truly peaceful, one must achieve stillness of the mind. Started by Charu Agarwal, this center for wellness goes by that mantra all the way. There are one-on-one therapy sessions and group workshops to address each individual’s need – all for the collective cause of contentment.

Where: 8B, Tower 1, Hibiscus Apartments, Sector 50, Gurgaon

Contact: Email them at or call on +91 9810395193

More information, here.

If you Picked Pilates 


Body Temple

A boutique studio run by Reebok and PIA {Pilates Institute of America} certified Deepika Saxena, it offers mat work and pilates on the ball for people over 50, and those suffering from back and knee aches, along with for general fitness. She assists in improving posture, strength, stability and coordination. A fitness consultant for Fortis La Femme, her strength lies in helping women drop post-pregnancy weight.

Where: 34, M Block, GK-1

Contact: +91 9953061500

For a full class schedule, timings and fee options, click here.

Studio Pilates Retreat

This studio caters specifically to expats and foreign clients, and houses extensive pilates equipment {reformer machine, fitness circles, toning balls, swiss bales and flex bands}. Each class is different, and you can expect a switch up, using different equipment and techniques, with the aim of working along basic pilates principles and strengthening your weaker areas. The classes sometimes use light weights to focus on strength training, while other times incorporate a light cardio routine to up the ante.

Where: Sector 6, R.K Puram

Contact: +91 9899865990

For a full class schedule, timings and fee options click here, or follow them for regular updates here.

The Pilates Studio at the Lodhi

Pricey and run by perfectionists, you can expect an elaborate welcome wagon {including juices, an introduction and a personalized postural assessment}. A sixty minute session incorporates exercises that target your problem areas, and core stability exercises ending with a set of stretches. Defintiely recommended for those looking to understand their personal problem areas and how to overcome them, all while training the body.

Where: The Lodhi Hotel, Lodhi Road

Contact: 011 43633333

Fee Structure: Between INR 2,900-4,800/class for a private session, and INR 1,800/class for group sessions.

Vesna’s Wellness

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A pilates class {one out a portfolio of numerous fitness classes available} at Vesna’s develops lean muscles, shapes your body, decreases fat and improves posture. Fitness and wellness expert Vesna Jacob takes a pilates class open to both sexes, across age-groups and fitness levels. She also highlights the benefits pilates has on women post and pre-pregnancy, and works extensively on pre and post natal pilates.

Where: A 137, Defence Colony

Get in touch: 011 46120383, 011 46120386

For a full class schedule, timings and fee options click here.


This one’s just for the girls. Replicating a European format, VivaFit is a women’s-only fitness centre, where women are encouraged to feel better physically and mentally through a range of fitness programs like the trademarked BodyVive and BodyBalance, as well as circuit, choreographed circuit and of course, Pilates.

Where: M Block Market, GK-II, Delhi; ILD Trade Centre, Sohna Road, Gurgaon; Mega Mall, Gurgaon

For more information on centres and timings, click here or follow them on Facebook here.

Red Mat Pilates

Founder Taru Chaddha is a fitness enthusiast herself and decided to spread the word about the power of pilates to transform bodies and minds. She specializes in a school of pilates called STOTT Pilates, which, instead of trying to straighten out your back, actually follows the natural curves of the spine and helps enhance athletic performance. In case that sounded too hard-core {no pun intended} you might feel better knowing that their fitness programs are designed for 6-year olds and upwards.

Where: Tower C, Nirvana Courtyard, Nirvana Country, Sector 50, Gurgaon

Contact: Mail them at or call them at +91-9958738417

For more information, click here.

Fitness Fusion


Delhi’s newest Pilates studio, they offer classes for all- grooms and brides, post natal care Pilates, Pilates for kids, Pilates for senior citizens and Pilates for pain relief. You can also join zumba or try one of their Tabata workouts. Their equipment is stae of the art and if you’re looking to make a career in the health and wellness industry? They can help.

Where: 1 Shanti Kunj, Mata Amritanand Mayee Marg (Church Road), Vasant Kunj

Contact: 011 26139627, +91 9811374496

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