Fresh Ingredients & Authentic Japanese Food: Drop By Yokoso For A Meal You’ll Remember

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What Makes It Awesome?

Japanese food is so much more than just sushi and ramen bowls, and we've rarely come across restaurants in Delhi that are doing justice to this interesting cuisine. However, Yokoso at The Lodhi, headed by chef Shubham Thakur, is definitely one such Japanese food experience.

Our meal here started with the Shira Ae, a small plate option with pressed tofu, sliced radish and cucumber in a smokey sesame sauce. This dish is comforting, light, and the nutty sauce just binds everything together beautifully. Next up, the Hamachi Usuzukiri - delicately cut yellowtail fish with jalapeno, ginger, and soy. Undoubtedly one of our favourites on the menu, it’s unlike anything we’ve ever tried before. The fish melts in your mouth; Every bite has so many different flavours, and the freshness of all the ingredients is an added bonus.

You also have to try the Salmon Kale Cups that are like a healthy version of tacos. For this dish, crunchy kale leaves are filled with creamy salmon chunks, and trust us, you’d be happy to ditch the good ‘ol tacos for these kale cups every single time. Also, if you’re big sushi fans, we recommend that you order a portion (or two) of Yokoso’s Warm Eel Roll, and the Baked Shrimp Roll. 

Since no good meal is complete without dessert, make sure that you order the Tofu Cheesecake here. This comes with vanilla cotton candy, berry compote, and mint leaves too. Sounds heavenly? It absolutely is. 

After our meal here, it’s safe to say that we’ve developed a new-found love for Japanese ingredients and delicacies that we never knew existed. 

Just FYI, Yokoso is not a permanent restaurant at The Lodhi, but rather, is a pop-up that will be around for some time (depending on the response). How long though? You'll never know. Hence, we recommend that you drop by soon. 

What Could Be Better?

The Avocado-Corn Tartar at Yokoso wasn’t something we’d go back home thinking about. While all the elements of the dish (the corn, avocado puree, rice crisps, scallion, and Fukuzinzuke, a Japanese pickle) taste great individually, together, they don’t seem to blend well.