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    Can’t Stand Deos & Body Sprays? You Might Wanna Try This Deodorant Cream

    Ipsita posted on 24 November


    All you folks who can’t seem to use deos or any kind of body sprays {due to allergic reactions or just an oversensitive nose}, Just B Au Naturel has something that could be of help.

    Crème De La Deodorant

    We won’t lie—we were pretty confused by the Deodorant Cream ourselves. Why would anyone want to put cream on their armpits, for God’s sake? But being always up for trying weird, new things, we put our game face on and dipped our fingers into the jar.

    The texture of the cream is grainy and blends well—it’s best if you apply it while you’re still in the shower, dripping wet, to make the product easy to work with.

    Comprising ingredients such as lavender, clay, arrowroot, and shea butter, the product successfully managed to keep bad odour at bay the entire day and did not leave any stains, while imparting a mild, fresh scent.

    So We’re Saying…

    Being a 100 per cent non-toxic and free of preservatives, chemicals, and added fragrance, this product is great for those who have super sensitive skin. If sensitive skin is not a concern for you {man or woman}, but obnoxious, headache-inducing scents are, this is pretty great too.

    In fact, the entire Just B Au Naturel range is organic and plant-based. Their products all come in dark apothecary glass packaging, which is eco-friendly and recyclable.

    Price: INR 650 for the deodorant cream. Buy it here.

    Check out the rest of their products here and follow them on Facebook here.

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