Up Your Outfit Game With Ikat Shirts & More From This Brand

    What Makes It Awesome

    I was in Goa when I met Caroline and got to know about the brand Permanent Vacation while a casual conversation with her. Caroline was trying to take time off in Goa but was helplessly mesmerised by saris, from silk to cotton and so she designed and crafted continuously. That is how Permanent Vacation was born. It is a unisex label that designs and sells chanderi t-shirts, crepe, and cotton shirts, the most epic bomber jackets with Hindi graffiti on the back, silk and chiffon kimonos, jumpsuits, jeans and much more. I spotted a divine kimono on their Instagram handle and went to the studio. All Permanent Vacation’s clothing is often one of a kind as they are made saris. Some of the saris used are also antique, as a part of her restoration programme, where unusable old pieces are given new life cut into kimonos or parts of a jacket. The vibe of the brand and its clothes are very fresh. Its designs seem to be very indie and inspired by someone uprooted from a high-speed fashion and luxury environment and then brought to a buzzing underground scene in India. Needless to say - the quality of all Caroline’s products is impeccable and the silhouettes are immaculate. You can order their collection on their website.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    INR 3000+