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Add These Lipsticks With Super Fun Names To Your Makeup Bags!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    I’ve never been the sort of person who likes makeup products with basic names like “Bold Red” or “Hot Pink.” Nope, I need names so extra and quirky that I’d feel lowkey embarrassed telling people what my lipstick shade is called. That’s probably why I loved Zany Beauty, an online store that sells vegan liquid lipsticks with the most fun names like “Chuddy Buddy” and “Tooh Naked.” 

    Zany’s entire aesthetic is all about having fun and being creative; they encourage self-expression and positivity and even their website is full of good vibes. My favourite shade was “Brown And Lovely”, a beautiful warm toned brown that’ll suit a lot of skin tones and also because brown IS lovely. The lipstick dries to a matte finish and is pretty comfortable. I also really like how they have swatches on different skin tones so you can see what it’d look like on you. If you like pink lipsticks, you’ll love the shades “Petticoat” or the bright, cool toned pink “Lingery”. Nude lipstick your thing? “Tooh Naked” is a subtle, warm terracotta and “Nanga Punga” is a pretty flattering beige. 

    Price: INR 799 for one lipstick 

    What Could Be Better

    If you’re someone who loves a bold red lip, sadly you won’t find any red options to grow your collection even more but you should still check out the shades in case you want to switch things up. 


    You can get all 7 lipstick shades at a discounted price if you get the Nanga Collection (yes, that’s what it’s called.) And if you’re still confused about which shade to get, I recommend “Chuddy Buddy” which is a rosy pink that’ll be perfect for daily wear. 

      Available Online