Zariin, a collaboration between sisters Vidhi and Mamta Gupta {both self-taught designers}, is a jewellery brand that makes jewellery pieces that are bold and eclectic. These pieces are perfect for the working woman who doesn’t mind making a bit of a statement with her jewellery, yet not go overboard at the same time.

Each of their pieces is set in 22k gold plating or sterling silver plating, and incorporates some gorgeously bright and colourful semi-precious stones like malachite, lapis lazuli, and rhodochrosite. Think long neck-pieces, beautiful oversized rings, crafty earrings {both big and small}, and more.

To prevent you from getting overwhelmed by their many designs, we’re bringing you our top picks.

Focus Rock Necklace

Price: INR 3,600

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Wild Passion Earrings

Price: INR 3,950

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Liquorice Glam Ring

Price: INR 2,950

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Twofold Treat Baroque Pearls Ring

Price: INR 3,500

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Wild Passion Necklace

Price: INR 2,850

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Whispering Art Turquoise Ring

Price: INR 3.400

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Photos courtesy: Zariin