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All Ceramic Everything: Check Out This E-Store For Handmade Home Decor


    What Makes It Awesome

    Probably my favourite home decor trend from 2020 that's smoothly joined us in 2021 as well has to be ceramics. While some places tend to stick to either crockery or decor pieces, I liked Zenica Handicraft because they make a bunch of ceramic products like tableware, bathroom accessories and even stuff that could be used in gardens.

    The ceramicware by Zenica's available in a bunch of different prints, too, whether you're looking for a new set of plates, coffee mugs or planters. You could get matching sets or even some mismatched ones with multiple prints which look super quirky in your kitchen. They're also really lightweight but still durable so unless you suffer from a case of butter fingers, these'll last you a while. 


    Want to know more about the collection or check out more prints? Hit the "Enquire Now" button available here and the folks at Zenica Handicraft will be happy to help you out!