Easy On The Eyes & The Palate: Experience Immersive Dining At This New Bar

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What Makes It Awesome

While there is no dearth of great places in the city for food and cocktails, only some manage to completely blow you away. Add to it great design, and the is exactly what Zooey so beautifully does. From marble statues to cascading chandeliers, everything about this place screams luxury. Not to forget, the beautiful bar space they have created — with a backlit marble counter and a display of their alcohol collection up to the ceilings.

The vibe is consistent and translates into their extensive menu. From antipasti platters, pizzas and pasta, to pan-Asian options, when we say the menu has something for your every mood, we mean it. It took us a solid 10 minutes to decide what we have, and we only had half the options because of our staunch vegetarian bone. We went with the Bruschetta Alla Napoletana, which is a tomato and basil bruschetta topped with parmesan and balsamic, to start off. It was the perfect, light snack to prime the stomach for everything that was coming its way. We also tried the Raimbo Maki, Wok Fried Noodles accompanied by tofu that was prepared in a black-bean sauce. The sushi was flavourful, and hit the balance between crispy and juicy. However, we might skip the noodles in favour of more promising options. 

We also tried a few of their signature cocktails — Konkan Street, Breakfast Spritzer, and Peru Lanka — and I don't think we'll shut up about them any time soon. Konkan Street has a very distinct flavour of the candies you get on Indian hill stations — the sour ones with tamarind in them — and had us feeling all kinds of nostalgia (we're blaming the gin for feeling feels), while Breakfast Spritzer, a sparkling wine based drink with a berry twist to it, is the perfect drink to order for a brunch that runs till the evening. Peru Lanka, a gin-based drink with guava, lime, and hints of chilli was a bit too spicy (and strong) for us low-spice-tolerance noobs, but if you like your drinks with a kick of spice in them then feel confident to go for it!

The price for two people is around INR 2,500 without alcohol, and the average cocktail costs about INR 650. Zooey also has a beautiful outdoor seating space, which we couldn't enjoy owing to the rain, but is perfect for windy nights and sunny brunches.

Pro Tip

The staff is very helpful, and if you feel spoilt for choice looking at their menu, just tell them what you're in the mood for and they'll recommend a winner dish or drink for you.