Get Luxury Clothes & Accessories At This Multi-Designer Haven

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What Makes It Awesome

Zooki is a multi-brand women’s store that brings together a mix of runway designers and a few independent names, making it the best of both worlds.

Charu Singh, the creative head at Zooki has a great sense of curation. Some funky, some formal, the designs are a healthy mix of bling and understated which means nobody goes home without a shopping bag. Expect to see a lot of familiar names including designer wear from Mumbai, Kolkata, Dubai and of course, Delhi. 

We like that Zooki celebrates Indian textiles and native embroidery on cuts and silhouettes we know too well. This is what warms even a reluctant luxury seeker towards the many clutches, scarves and dresses at the store. And how can we be so sure, you ask? Well, we went to the store and the price tags didn’t make us shift uncomfortably. Enough said.

What Could Be Better

While we couldn't find any fault with the collection at the outlet, an online store might be a nice addition for all the folks who live far off and can't always take a trip to South Delhi.


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