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Road Tripping? Zoomcar Lets You Rent Any Car & Even Pays For The Fuel


    Don’t have a ride of your own? Don’t worry. Zoomcar lets you book self-drive cars that can be delivered to your doorstep {yes, just like your groceries}. 

    Get This Show On The Road

    No matter which corner of Delhi NCR you may be in {or where your destination is}, feel free to rent a ride by the hour, day, week or month. They have an ample range of cars {from hatchbacks and SUVS, to sedans and luxury ones}. So, whether you want to make a solo trip, or are hanging with a bigger gang, your needs will be met. With hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rates, you can book according to the kilometres you’ll be travelling. Also, you’ll never have to pay for any fuel – it’s all on them! In case you run out of it, keep the receipt and they’ll reimburse you.

    Booking Handbook

    For easier bookings, we’d suggest you download their app, but their cars can also be booked on their website. All you have to do is pick your dates, timings and the car you want, and then upload your driver’s license and pay via a card, or through netbanking. They’ll send you an SMS with all your car details 20 minutes before pick-up which you’ll have to unlock via the app. They also have a round-the-clock customer support (just in case anything goes wrong). 


    So, We’re Saying…

    They also have awesome deals going regularly on their Deals Shack. Make sure you check that out before you book.

    Rent online here. or download their app for iOS here and Android here.