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    Zoom Away in a Different Car Every Day with Zoomcar

    Navni posted on 17 June

    Do you often picture yourself driving down a long winding road into the sunset? But the only thing keeping you from embarking on this journey is the lack of a car. You could borrow your friend’s car and owe him, or you could call Zoomcar and make it happen all on your own.

    Whether you want to zip around in a Nano, or know how it feels to drive a Mercedes A class, Zoomcar’s got you covered. With hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rates and a full tank of petrol, you can hire a car just for a long drive, a road trip or for your daily commuting.

    So, how do you go about driving your dream car home? Sign up on their website {or download their app}; fill in your details plus a scan of a valid driving license, mention particulars of the vehicle you want, wait for a confirmation and head to the nearest location to pick up your brand new {temporary} pair of wheels.

    If you want to know how much dough you’ll be parting with, check out their tariff section online and calculate your fare based on hours and expected kms. You pay INR 15 per km after the complimentary 240. And if you end up refuelling the car, you can always ask for a reimbursement from them. Make sure you stow the bill away safely!

    Where: Hire online here. or download their app for iOS here and Android here.

    Contact: 080-67481200

    Price: Starting at INR 1176 per day

    For more details and updates, follow their Facebook page here.

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    Bike & Car Rental Services


    Bike & Car Rental Services