Go Zorbing Or Zip Lining & Stay In Eco Huts At This Adventure Lodge Just 45 Mins From Gurgaon


    Anchorage Eco Resort is a self-reliant, solar-powered adventure park that’s super close and super fun. If you aren’t impressed by how everything is lush green, you’ll sure love everything it has to offer between rappelling, zip lining, pocket bikes, water zorbing, treasure hunts and more. Oh, and there’s a pool and mud huts if you want to stay overnight.

    What Makes It Awesome

    From a barren, neglected patch of land, the family who owned it turned its fate around by planting one tree at a time. This erstwhile farmhouse has been functioning as an adventure resort for two years now and aside from the fact that it’s all eco-friendly, the range of activities they organise for large groups is obviously a great addition. The most comforting bit is that it’s barely an hour away from Gurgaon so it doesn’t have to be one of those out-of-town plans that never materialise.  In their everyday operations, they rely solely on solar power that they generate themselves. Their pool has a natural filtration process that enables them to draw out impurities with the help of neighbouring plants. The eco huts are made from mud and are kept naturally cool with high ceilings, big windows and beds embedded with small fans. These small details are what add to the experience and for some brief moments, it’s easy to forget that you’re not too far from the city.

    All Play, Some food

    These crusaders of the ‘reuse-recycle’ philosophy have a rather well-maintained resort that’s ideal for large groups hoping to shake off boredom. The folks open up the place only if/after they have confirmations from at least 15 visitors on a given day and whether you’re going for a day picnic or a night stay, they customise everything based on what you’d like to do, eat and experience. If you’re an adventure-loving squad, pick from a whole bunch of activities from loop walk, commando nets, rope walks, bikes and more {we’re so trying water zorbing}. Or ditch the active ones and just stroll around the property and chill in the pool. Or if you’re going with family where members range from 3 to 50-year-olds, you know what they can do? They let you play cricket, football or whatever else your fam is crazy about. Did we tell you they also arrange your choice of food on demand? Imagine all the Chinjabi khaana after a round of zip lining?

    Pro Tip

    The cost per person varies on how many people, the duration of the stay, the number of meals and more factors. They also host office offsites and school picnics but loosely, the packages begin at INR 1,000 per person. Find them on Facebook here.