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Discover Mapusa in Goa with curated reviews and recommendations on top places to see, best shops, best cafes, restaurants, & bars, and markets & other tourist attractions. Explore Mapusa with LBB.

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Why You Should Check Out The Iconic Mapusa Market Next Time You're In Goa, You'll Always Find Us Shopping For Home Linen & Clothes At Fab India, For Coconut Cookies & Local Snacks, Hit Up This Goan Bakery That's Been Around Since 1939, Chonak To Crab: Grab A Beer & Thali Lunch At This Goan Restaurant, Score Affordable Tribal Jewellery From This Home-Run Brand In Goa, Drop By Soul Curry For Vibrant Asian Cuisines When In Goa, The Famous Local Bangalore Eatery, Gundu Palav, Is Now In Goa, Beef Croquettes Or Dodol: This Is The Best Bakery In Goa For Local Delicacies,