Not Just Travellers, Even Kolkatans Can Visit This Church For Its History

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What Makes It Awesome

Traversing through the streets of Kolkata will take you to many places. The Church of St Francis Xavier's in Bowbazar is one of them.

The church exists since time immemorial (well figuratively). Initially built as a chapel in 1844, it was badly ruined due to an earthquake. The new St. Francis Xavier's Church was founded in 1898 and the foundation stone was laid by the then Archbishop Paul Goethals (that's some history there!). What you can really do for that touristy feel is take a Rajabazar-bound tram from the Dalhousie (BBD Bagh) depot and get down exactly in front of the church on BB Ganguly Street.

A catholic church is said to be a common platform for all parishioners to interact and keep themselves updated with the church's activities. Located on the same campus as St. George's School, this church stands like a palace, half-hidden by trees and telephone lines. It's huge wooden windows along with the main archway at the entrance leading to the church elevate the grandeur of the architecture.

The main hall is a rectangular open space with marble flooring with the idol placed at the end of the hall. The architecture of the walls are antique, coloured in white and golden. The church offers service every Sunday at 9am, in case you plan to visit during the prayer service.