Rare Books, A Garden & Free WiFi: Why You Should Visit David Sassoon Library

David Sassoon Library & Reading Room

Fort, Mumbai


Most of us haven’t visited a library since our college days, and remember them to be big, airy rooms full of books from floor to ceiling. It’s been a place where many of us have been transported to another era or even countries far, far away. In a way, it has helped shape who we are as individuals. David Sassoon Library and Reading Room is one of the oldest heritage libraries in the city. And here’s why you need to visit it.

The Heritage

Built in 1870, right in the heart of town {opposite Kala Ghoda, to be precise}, this beautiful heritage building with arches, a garden and old-world tiles, lets its members sit in the large garden space and munch on their favourite snacks. You can also spend your time browsing on the vintage deck chairs in the reading room’s balcony. Full of period furniture at every nook and corner, this library is the perfect place to spend some quiet, quality time.

What’s In It For Me?

The David Sassoon Library and Reading Room has served the community well for many years, and also helped a number of students who populate the place. With the introduction of new facilities such as WiFi, e-learning and e-book readers, most of us can spend some time here gathering knowledge of all things unknown. It also helps that there are a lot of food options around the library!

Must See

Don’t miss out on their collected series on art and architecture. The library houses some rare books, including a 1978 book of letters written to Queen Anne by her secretary.

So, We’re Saying…

David Sassoon library is a great place to clear your thoughts and spend some alone reading time. The library maintains its silence policy, so there is nobody to disturb. Also, the free WiFi service is an added bonus to work on one of those presentations without burning a hole in your wallet for a coffee. For more details on the membership fees and the library, read this. To follow them on Facebook, click here.  


Pay it a visit and get a chance to explore the Bombay of old, along with becoming worldly wise and enjoying some great eateries around the area.

David Sassoon Library & Reading Room

Fort, Mumbai