Here's Your First Look At The Newly Opened Bar Stock Exchange In Juhu

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The Bar Stock Exchange in Juhu is now open and you should go here if you want to relive your childhood, except while drinking a lot of booze {for cheap}.

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We had previously told you how The Bar Stock Exchange and Mr. Baozi are set to take Juhu by storm, and now, we have the first look of TBSE and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be there already. The 5,000 sq. ft. property, like we mentioned earlier, is school-themed and brings nostalgia back while teasing the child in you.

With sections framed much like sections in school, get ready to see a chemistry lab with equipment and wall drawings. There are pillars dedicated to school class photos with your teachers, while the bar is designed just like your gym locker.

In fact, the ground panels of the bar showcase inspirations of our childhood with the outside section themed just like your neighborhood sports garden or park with games and swings. Isn’t that exciting? We love how they’ve also put up their menu on the wall, much like the menu is school canteens. There’s also a wall full of books to take you back to your school library.

So, We're Thinking...

We would totally love to go back to school because this time instead of water bottles, we’ll have some alcohol bottles for company. We suggest you go here early evening to find space to sit because the newly opened TBSE is surely flooded with people as the sun sets.