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    Weight-Watchers! Food Darzee Delivers Healthy Tailor-Made Keto Meals To Your Doorstep

    Bhavika posted on 16 January


    Food Darzee, a food delivery service, is specifically designed to deliver regular keto meals to you for the most effective weight loss results.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Started by four health and fitness enthusiasts from Mumbai, Food Darzee is the only delivery service as of now that specifically makes keto-friendly meals designed to help you lose weight. A ketogenic diet, is one that makes your body lose weight through the process of ketosis – where one maintains a high fat, moderate protein and very low carb diet. Here, having cheese is allowed, but bread is a strict no-no, because your body burns the fat you have to get energy.

    While keto sounds like a rather unusual diet, don’t rule it out yet. Yes, maintaining a diet such as this, whether vegetarian or non vegetarian is often difficult and requires calculation, but here’s where Food Darzee gracefully steps in, eliminating the hard work.

    You opt for a program with them with a duration of 4-12 weeks, in which they design a keto-friendly nutrition plan for you, giving you keto pizzas, keto-sushi, special keto rice {that doesn’t have much carbs}, keto paranthas and more. There are also veggie-friendly options such as cauli rice, zucchini and cheese rosti and more. The meals aren’t exactly a trip to McD, because ultimately they are very healthy for you, but getting fit is no cakewalk.


    Keto dessert is SO not like regular dessert, so please don’t expect miracles.

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